Custom Made Jewelry


Pavian Custom Made Jewelry is a small company based in Vienna, created by a young creative designer. Pavian, whose real name is Patrick loves to craft adornments for the human body in many ways: from plugs for ears and piercing to rings, collars and bracelets. His creations are refined in a very personal and special way, mainly, but not only, because he works on request: that is why he likes to call his products “custom made”.


Every time I walk into the woods, I find inspiration.


The source material (different kind of stones, minerals, metals or ropes) is usually collected by him amongst flea-markets or just in the nature where he loves to spend hours looking for the right piece for his idea or his clients’ ideas. Despite his young age, he is a big fan of classic crafting which leads him to explore and experiment a lot, with a mild rejection for industrial made pieces.


He doesn’t like to be called “artist” but the products he crafts set him a lot toward the “artistic way”. He works everyday in his tiny atelier in the heart of Vienna, by using just an old but still efficient stone grinder and his hands in order to come up with some really special adornments that are one of a kind.

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