Product Design


You can define them as a collective of talented people dedicated to product design. Their approach is in between technical and creative, an effective mix that opens up to a variety of possibilities and exploring. That is what Wolfgang and Maik do: they think, project, develop, experiment, create until they obtain something which is “most likely” their original idea.


You cannot plan it all out, you have to play a little bit with things.


Their paper products have an unmistakable style and a lean philosophy that is a weird combination of the polygonal graphics from the nineties’ video-game digital area and the old origami oriental tradition. They make lamp-shades, masks and sculptures in a wide range of shapes, mostly inspired by the animal kingdom.


Besides their paper product business, they also produce elegant pendants made of silver with a special fused metal casting technique with no junctions, which make these jewels very valuable. With their 3D printer, Wolfgang and Maik (who are, by the way, real persons, despite their curious mask in the video) have fun in creating little sculptures, special boxes and lamp-shades made of plastic. Last but not least, they also collaborate with Augarten Porzellanmanufaktur Wien to produce well refined ornaments with a classical touch. All products have a much recognizable style that sets them apart in the designer world.

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