How it works

Your production journey


We designed Delibox with easiness in mind.

It’s a tailored service, conceived as a product:
a straight process that leads to a high-value profile film.
Schedule a free meeting with us today and start your story journey.

1. Let’s meet

You just tell or show us what you do, the place and people. We get the idea and we mutually agree on a day for the production.

If your wish or your place is outside Vienna, we will be having a Skype call

2. Your story in action

On the day of production, we will record your interview and spend the rest of the day producing high-quality digital cinema footage.

For an effective cinematic feeling we use 4k cinema cameras with professional gears, high-quality light-kits and audio-systems.

3. We edit smart

When we edit your story, we do it humanly, following meaning and content. We are always in touch with you to give it the best result.

4. The final cut

Once the first edit is finished, you are ready to revise a private preview. As soon as we get your feedback, we’ll edit your story’s final cut.

5. Delivery

Your Delibox is ready. We deliver your video to be shared on social networks and blogs, on your website or on your offline display.

Along with your polished profile story film come a Trailer, Behind the Scenes photos, a small Article, the Interview audio file and Help & support afterwards.

An inside view of what you make