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Carissimo Letterpress

What a better name for an old-school multi-creative typography? Alessandro and Ana are running this small but much appreciated business in Vienna, where they moved about two years ago with the idea to start a stylish letterpress printing. In case you are wondering what is letterpress printing, just watch their story


Letterpress printing is really about feeling very passionate on what you do.


It’s called “Maria Addolorata”, a typical Italian name, for two reasons: one, because his main partner, Alessandro, is Italian and two, because she actually comes all the way from Southern Italy, where this name is a traditional one. She’s a lady, but not a human. She is their beloved printing press. And just like a woman, she gives grace and elegance to all her prints, for the joy of their clients.


They are not just a fascinating letterpress printing business, but also a design studio, customized or for general purposes. Any kind of cards, invitations, posters, special products, small or bigger. The best things about letterpress printing are its quality and feeling. It’s just another planet.

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